There is nothing I really disagree with here, and much I agree with. I appreciate the search for facts and the additional info on driver costs vs income provided here. What I didn’t like about Susan’s piece was the appeal to emotion, with most of the implied facts wrong.

If Tom is right, and the Uber driver is no worse off than the taxi driver, I’d still say that Uber is doing a better job than taxis of providing the services a city needs.

I do however take very seriously Tom’s point about the risks of Uber extracting rents if they dominate the market. I am counting on competition from Lyft and taxi companies spurred out of their torpor.

But I also believe we can hold companies accountable to more than their shareholders. I believe that workers and customers and shareholders are an ecosystem, and ultimately none can prosper unless all prosper.

This is the key idea I’m trying to get across: how do we move from the WTF Economy (where WTF is an expression of either wonder or dismay) to a next economy that is better for all.

That is ultimately what my Next:Economy Summit is setting out to explore.

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