I didn’t actually say that Uber or Lyft had achieved that goal, just that they were aiming for it, and that the Lyft Line and Uber Pool initiatives are aimed in that direction.

They still have a ways to go, but $6 for a Lyft Line (not yet in all neighborhoods) is clearly moving in the right direction. For two people traveling together, the fare is $7, or $3.50 each. Muni in San Francisco is $2.25.

You say you average 4.25 transit trips per day. I’d say that makes you a very atypical user. For someone simply commuting to and from work, 20 trips a month, and pooling with someone else, costs are converging.

The other thing to consider is the subsidy for current public transit. (Fares do not pay the full price.) Apply the same subsidy, and Lyft Line would possibly be cheaper than buses, and more convenient.

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